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The SWM-301 Stretch Wrap Machin with Wireless Scale can help you increase your business’s productivity and ensure products reach their destinations safely. Outstanding features include the following:

  • A revolutionary built-in wireless scale allows you to weigh products and wrap them at the same time.  This greatly reduces time spent moving items to and from different warehouse locations.
  • The stretch wrap machine is completely automatic, and reduces the potential for workplace safety violations.
  • Extremely efficient operation – the SWM-301 can wrap approximately 20 loads per hour under ideal operating conditions
  • Choose between manual and automatic wrapping modes.
  • Convenient photo eye assists in proper function and helps maintain full functionality.
  • Unit is easy to install.
  • Wireless Technology: RF
  • Wireless Radius: 100 Feet
  • 58" Diameter, 3/8" Laser-Cut Steel Plate
  • 4000 lbs. Load Capacity
  • ANSI# 50 Chain Drive w/Adjust-Tensioning
  • Electrionic Soft Start/Stop
  • 1-12 RPM Variable Speed
  • 1/2 HP, DC Controlled Drive Motor
  • Low Profile
  • Home Proximity Position Sensor
  • No Maintance, No need to Lube Drive System
  • Sealed Double Bearing (No Lubrication needed) 12" Flywheel Drive
  • 8 point Heavy Duty Phenolic Lined Dual Bearing Support System
  • Bulit-in Forklift Channels
  • Tower with Tilt-Down Hinge for Easy Shipping
  • 10" x 20" Film Capacity
  • 1/3 HP, DC Controleed Drive Motor
  • Clutch Control Film Stretch up to 120%
  • Clutch Control Film Holder
  • Automatic Pallet Height Sensor w/ adjustable sensor position
  • Phenolic Carriage Guide
  • Safety Stop Switch on Carriage
  • On/Off with Power Indicator Light
  • Home Position Buttom
  • On the Fly Carriage Pause Switch
  • On the Fly Variable Turntable Speed Control
  • On the Fly Varialbe Carriage Speed Control
  • Manual Carriage Up/Down Switch
  • Turntable Jog Switch
  • Omron PLC with Communication Port
  • Top and Bottom Wrap Repetition Counter (0-3)
  • Carriage Travel Stop Switch (Up and Down)

This is a must-have for any warehouse that requires weighing and wrapping machines. It is capable of handling heavy weights – up to 4000 lbs, and it is easy to operate. If you want to improve your overall efficiency rate as well as the professional quality of products you deliver, the SWM-301 can help you achieve those goals.

Machine & Control Specifications

    • Production Speed : 35-45 Load /Hour Based on Load Configuration
    • Load Size : 53" x 53" x 82"
    • Maximum Load Weight : 4,000lbs
    • Power: 110V, 60Hz, 20 Amps
    • Machine Weight: 1650 lbs.

Operators Manual:

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